The EcoFest begins today: a contest of good deeds from SkyWay

The EcoFest begins today: a contest of good deeds from SkyWay

An integral part of the SkyWay EcoFest is careful attitude to the environment and harmonious coexistence of wildlife and transport technologies. We invite everyone to contribute to the improvement of the environmental situation and to take part in the "Hashtag EcoFest" contest. 

The contest rules are simple. A participant should do any good deed: to plant flowers, or a bush, or a tree; to clean up a territory from litter; to hang up a birdhouse, etc. Take a photo or video of your good deed activity and place it in your social network sites with the hashtag #EcoFest2018, sending the link to your posted video, photos or the files themselves to [email protected] 

The more expressive and brighter your work - the better. Let yourself be creative. Surprise yourself and the world. Leave your comfort zones and attract your friends and neighbors into  doing good deeds. Saving the Planet is everyone's business! 

If you have accounts in different social networks, then post a photo / video in each of them, because the more people are inspired by good deeds, the better it is for the Planet. 

The authors of the most interesting and creative works will receive the prize personally from SkyWay General Designer Anatoliy Yunitskiy, and the solemn ceremony of awarding will be held at the EcoFest 2018. 

The prize fund of the contest is 250,000 investment shares.